Affordable Primary Care in Knoxville, TN

Insurance-free Health Care Option.
MBody Healthcare provides personalized care with access, time, and connection.

Same / Next Day Appointments

Your time should be spent waiting your turn, not in a waiting room.

Now Offering Ketamine Infusion Therapy

A revolutionary treatment option for those suffering with anxiety, depression and PTSD

Life is too short to spend it waiting

Our health care system is broken. You should be frustrated. Urgent care is who treats you when you are sick, not your doctor. When you do get to see your doctor, you get an average of 6 minutes for your visit. You are paying more and have less access to your doctor than ever before. You are spending more time waiting, and have lost agency over your health in the process.

Save time and take back control of your health with a provider you have access to when you need them, and that can give you the time your health deserves.  By removing the middleman we are restoring the doctor-patient connection and our patients have improved overall health and save time and money in the process

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Access to Your primary Care Provider

Having access to your primary care provider is vital, that’s why we are limiting our patient panel to a size that ensures our patients always have access, time and connection. While the typical primary care provider has an average of 2500 patients, we are limiting our clinic to 500 patients. As expected we are filling up fast, so if you would like to meet us and learn more, sign up for a free consultation today.

melissa and meikel direct primary care providers

Medical Care at Affordable Prices

We keep cost low, access to care open, and decision-making in the hands of the doctor and patient.

Same/Next Day Appointments

Healthcare when you need it, not weeks from now.

Comprehensive Care

Providing the time you deserve; aware of the time you have. Appointments are 30-60 minutes.


Phone, text, or video appointments available when in-clinic follow-up is not necessary or time restrictive.

Affordable Prices

Most services are all-inclusive. No co-pays, deductibles, or hidden costs.

Available through a dedicated imaging center at much greater savings.

Many tests are included with membership. Discounted prices are available for non-covered tests.

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