Direct Primary Care for Employers

DPC for Business Owners

MBody Healthcare’s direct primary care membership paired with a high-deductible health plan is a cost-effective way for business owners to provide top-quality health benefits to their employees while simultaneously reducing their healthcare costs.

When medical insurance is only second to payroll as a business operating expense, business owners are seeking new opportunities and exploring alternative options to providing healthcare for their employees. Adding a DPC membership will decrease medical claims, urgent care usage, and unnecessary ER trips while maintaining compliance in the highly-regulated healthcare environment.

We specialize in pharmaceutical utilization reduction and will always be mindful of the price incurred for any prescription we prescribe. We audit all new patient’s medication lists to make sure they are on the most inexpensive medication available, and sometimes the most cost-effective options do not even require utilizing their pharmaceutical benefits. The personal attention they will receive and access they are given will add value to employees and employers alike.

affordable direct primary care
Reduced Healthcare Costs
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Decreased Medical Claims
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Personal Attention for Your employees

We are not a health insurance plan.

Offering employees a health care option can greatly increase job satisfaction, retention, and reduce absenteeism. Your employees will have health care at a fraction of the cost of commercial insurance plans