Who We Are

Welcome to Mbody Healthcare

At Mbody Healthcare, we focus on one thing: you. We strive to provide an environment that is welcoming and feels like home. There are no lab coats or other emblems you may initially think of when a doctor’s office comes to mind. We will likely be wearing t-shirts and jeans when you arrive. Although unconventional, this is simply an outward expression of who we are and by no means indicates us not taking your healthcare needs seriously. We encourage the same from you. Come as you are. We prefer people to be honest, upfront, and comfortable with making all their needs known. We genuinely believe this approach fosters connection and provides a fantastic catalyst for positive outcomes.

We are humans full of imperfections and don’t honestly fit the stereotype of a “doctor,” but we know medicine and are passionate about reaching those who need us. Maybe in a world where the medical providers were not so separate from those they are trying to help, we would see results much quicker and with lasting changes.

Meet Our Team
Melissa Major, NP


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of South Alabama
  • Masters of Science in Nursing from Boise State University
  • Board-certified American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Hobbies: Oil painting, gardening, yoga

Meikel Major, MD


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Portland, Oregon
  • Doctorate in Medicine from Uniformed Services University, Maryland
  • Family Medicine Residency with US Air Force, Eglin AFB, Florida
  • Board-certified American Board of Family Medicine

Hobbies: Wood working, cooking, crafts

meikel major direct primary care provider
Erin Remijan

Medical Assistant

direct primary care assistant