Most of us have a conditioned behavior in conversation to say what we are thinking impulsively.  Oblivious of the timing or the other person talking.  At best, we wait until they are done talking to recite what we have been politely waiting to say, perhaps like me, afraid we will forget the important point we must make.  When we converse in this manner, we are not able to hear what the other person is saying, let alone feel what they are intending.  We all know when someone is genuinely listening to us speak.  In today’s culture, most of the content of what we say is inconsequential; perhaps this is why we have developed a habit of not engaging.  It isn’t required nor reciprocated.  But this being the case, we are letting the connections that genuine conversations can foster become extinct.  Let’s deliberate to catch ourselves and overcome this habit.  Not even “just wait to respond” when conversing, but intentionally listening to every word someone speaks to you. There are few things as satisfying and validating as knowing you are genuinely being heard.